Accidental Text Leads To Annual Thanksgiving Tradition For Two Strangers Turned Friends

November 26, 2018
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In 2016, Wanda Dench was trying to invite all her grandchildren over for Thanksgiving, when she accidentally texted a wrong number.

17 at the time, Jamal Hinton, a total stranger, received the text, but still managed to be invited to join Dench and her family for Thanksgiving Dinner.

What started as a text to a wrong number has now become an annual Thanksgiving tradition.  For the past three years, Hinton has joined Dench and her family for Thanksgiving, and have grown a wonderful relationship even outside of the holiday.

Hinton said last year, “She sent me a couple gifts cards for Christmas.  She also talked to me around my high school graduation, and we've been keeping in touch here and there.”  Dench said of her friendship with Hinton, “For him to continue with the relationship, I’m just really pleasantly surprised.  We’re more of extended family and, best of all, friends.”

Via People