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Actor David Arquette Injured And Sent To Hospital After Wrestling In "Deathmatch"

November 22, 2018

David Arquette has been occupying himself with a new hobby lately.

While acting and producing is is still his main focus, Arquette has been exploring another of his passions as of late, professional wrestling.  Arquette has been a longtime fan of the sport, and decided to finally pursue it.  And he's not making little appearances at events here and there; he is a full-blown wrestler.

There was no way he was expecting this, however.  At a recent event, Arquette participated in his first-ever Deathmatch, which basically means anything goes.  Arquette knew what he was getting into, but he couldn't have been prepared for what was to come.  During the match, Arquette was hit with chairs, kendo sticks, and at one point, a fluorescent light bulb, which caused a major gash in his neck.

Arquette was beaten, bloodied, and needed to be taken to the hospital after the match.  He wants to make sure, however, that wrestling isn't cast in a bad light after what he considers a mistake of his own doing.

Arquette profusely apologized to the sport, which he has the utmost respect for," and promised to never "be involved in a match like this again."  

For the time being, Arquette will put wrestling on hold while he recovers, and will continue to focus on acting and producing, which will always be his "priority and full-time dedication."

Via Page Six