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The CDC Warns, Once Again, To Avoid Eating Raw Cookie Dough

December 12, 2018

For some, half the fun of baking Christmas cookies is getting to nibble on delicious, raw cookie dough, right?

It might be fun, and it might be a quick guilty pleasure, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns that consuming raw cookie dough can seriously put your health at risk.   In fact, consuming the raw treat has been known to lead to cases of salmonella and E. coli.

Kristi King, a senior clinical dietitian at Texas Children’s Hospital, said that while not everyone who eats raw cookie dough will get sick, the risk is very, very real.  She told CBS News, “Raw cookie dough contains both raw agriculture and animal products, both of which can carry bacteria which may be harmful to us.  If you eat raw cookie dough, it’s not to say you will absolutely get sick, but you raise your risk significantly in taking that gamble.”

The main culprits in raw cookie dough are, of course, flour and eggs.  Flour has been known to carry E. coli, whose symptoms typically appear three to four days after raw consumption, and eggs are prime carriers of salmonella, and victims can expect to see symptoms in as little as six to 48 hours after contracting the virus.  

King warns that children under 5, and older adults with weakened immune systems are prime candidates that risk these viruses, and the best course of action is to just say “no to the dough.”  She says, “It's the holiday season, we all have places to go and people to see and don't want to be stuck at home ill, so just say 'no' to the dough and eat the baked good instead.”

Via CBS News