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Global Warming Expected To Increase The Cost Of Beer

October 16, 2018

As debates of global warming and the protection of our environment rage on, there soon could be an effected market that nobody is really talking about yet.


As extreme heat waves and drought increase, the production of barley might take a major hit.  The world can see as much as a 17% decrease in the production of barley, which experts believe could DOUBLE the average cost of beer.

Steve Davis of the University of California, Irvine co-led the study that found this information, which was done partly to reiterate that global warming effects all sorts of aspects of life.  US Department of Agriculture scientist Lewis Ziska said, "One of the greatest challenges as a scientist doing research on climate change and food is to illustrate it in a way that people can understand."

While scientists have known that barley is "one of the most heat-sensitive crops globally," according to David Lobell, an agriculture ecologist at Stanford University, this study finally "connects it to something people care about – the price of beer."

We must protect the environment.

Via NY Post