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Dallas Man Recorded Riding Lime Scooter On I-35 During Rush Hour Traffic

July 23, 2019

We see electronic scooters everywhere these days, but on the highway during rush hour traffic is one of the last places we thought we would.

Nevertheless, that's exactly where one was spotted yesterday.

A man was recorded riding a lime scooter on I-35 near downtown Dallas during rush hour traffic!  He cut across six lanes of morning traffic yesterday just before 9am near the American Airlines Center and the northbound exit for Victory Avenue and High Line Drive.  

Luckily, the morning commuters were able to give scooter man plenty of room to maneuver around all the traffic.  

Lime representatives wanted to reiterate that scooters are not permitted on highways or interstates, and encouraged all users to scooter responsibly.

Via Fox 4