Documentary "The Orange Years" Chronicles The Rise Of '90s Nickelodeon

November 13, 2018
Double Dare, Shirt, Slime, Nickelodeon, Goggles

(Photo by Stewart Cook/PictureGroup/Sipa USA)


Nothing was better as a kid than racing home after school, plopping down in front of the TV, and turning on Nickelodeon.

Few things match the levels of enjoyment that All ThatThe Adventures of Pete & Pete, and Clarissa Explains It All provided, and now, we have an opportunity to relive them all.

The Orange Years is an upcoming documentary focusing on the greatness that was '90s Nickelodeon, and their first trailer just dropped.  The documentary makers tracked down and interviewed many of the stars of those shows, and discussed not only the popularity and cultural influence Nickelodeon had on all of us, but the vision of Geraldine Laybourne, who led the team that founded Nickelodeon, and allowed their programs to explore more mature content not really seen in programming geared towards kids at the time.

The film is set to premiere November 15th in New York City, and at this time, a wide release date hasn't been planned.  We can only imagine, and hope, that it will soon be available on streaming platforms everywhere.

Via Collider