Freddie Mercury, Queen, Live Aid, Black and White, 1985

(Photo by Globe Photos/Sipa USA via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Freddie Mercury Once Showed Up To A Kid's Party In A Full Queen Stage Costume To Fulfill Birthday Wish

February 22, 2019

Freddie Mercury was close with famed Queen producer Reinhold Mack.

They were so close, in fact, a friendly wager led Mack to naming of his children "John Frederick," or "Little Freddie" in honor of Mercury.  Mercury was close to all three of Mack's children, however, often sending them handwritten messages of love and encouragement, and spending time with them playing.  Says Mack, "He would swim in the pool and play table tennis with the kids.  He was really good at table tennis.  Many times they went shopping with him.  Sometimes they had movie nights with the Macks and Freddie curled up on the couch with hot cocoa.  The nicest thing was when he said, 'Oh, this is actually like a real family.'"

One year, Mack's son Julian had a rather enormous request for his birthday.  Mack recalls Freddie asking Julian what he wanted, and Julian responding with, "All I want is for you to show up to my party in the costume from the ‘It’s a Hard Life’ video.’"  And of course, Mercury did!

Mack recalls, "I heard him changing in my bedroom [muttering>, 'I can do this on stage. I can do this at this party…'"

Imagine that.  No nerves playing in front of over 70,000 people at Live Aid, but he was in stitches for a birthday party!

Via People