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Frustrated Neighbors Tired Of The Constant Burglaries Tackle Thief Trying To Break Into Cars

June 11, 2019

A group of neighbors in a Milwaukee were tired of the constant burglaries.

Break-ins and burglaries had become a routine problem for the residents of Milwaukee's Brewers Hill neighborhood, so when they saw a trio of miscreants trying to break into cars this past weekend, they took matters into their own hands.

While playing with her godson last Sunday, Cecilia Loya noticed three men walking up and down the street checking to see if any car doors were opened.  She yelled at the three individuals, and immediately, several neighbors stepped into action.  As the three thieves were making their way to their car to escape, the good Samaritans chased them down on their own, and were able tackle one of them, holding him down until the police arrived.

The officer arrived to the three neighbors standing around the alleged thief, pants around his ankles and lying on the ground.

Loya is thankful for her neighborhood, and hopes the arrest will curb the area's break-in problem.  She said, "It makes me feel very good because it happens a lot around our neighborhood, and I'm honestly, in my opinion, I'm very sick and tired of this situation...So finally, with this, maybe that will be helpful."

Via FOX 6