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Funeral Home Selling Calendar Featuring Nude Models Posing On Caskets

December 11, 2018

Polish funeral parlor Lindner decided that the best way to advertise their business was, of course, a calendar featuring very tasteful nudity. 

The models, nude, are draped, spread out, and posing alongside and on top of some of the their most beautiful caskets.   Ms. July, for example, is posing on top of a casket, smoking a cigarette, while topless.


Believe it or not, this is the TENTH edition of the Lindner nude calendar, and it appears the business has no plans to stop anytime soon.  The company said of their calendar, “The Lindner Calendar is 10 years old now! ​​For a decade, it has become our hallmark to combine opposites: ​​beautiful, naked body of man with the perfect matter of exclusive coffins. ‘Eros with Tanatos. ​​The new calendar is a mystery: will you be able to decipher what works of art inspired us when creating the Lindner Calendar 2019.”

Well we certainly can’t wait!

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