Man, Prison, Cell, Hands, Steel Bars

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Gang Leader Dresses Up As Daughter In Failed Attempt To Escape From A Brazilian Prison

August 6, 2019

Clauvino da Silva attempted to escape the Brazilian prison he was being held captive in Sunday afternoon.

The crime boss, also known as “Shorty,” was visited by family members at the Rio de Janeiro prison, and attempted to use his 19-year-old daughter in his daring escape.   Da Silva’s plan was apparently to leave his daughter in the prison, while he dressed in her clothes, and wore a wig and rubber facemask to try and fool the guards.  However, he was easily caught after displaying “nervousness” while trying to leave the jail. 

Da Silva has since been transferred to a maximum-security prison and is expected to face disciplinary sanctions.  His daughter’s possible role in the escaped is also being looked at by authorities.

Via Fox News