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Girl Discovers The “Weird-Tasting” Chocolates In Her Advent Calendar Were Actually Catnip For Cats

December 26, 2018

Nine-year-old Alissa Davies-Evans thought the chocolates in her advent calendar tasted a little funny, but she powered through the first few days.

After four days, however, she couldn't eat anymore, and didn't open any more doors.  It wasn't until a week later that Alissa's mother revealed a slight surprise after her daughter told her she didn't enjoy any of the treats.

Those chocolates weren't exactly chocolate.  They were more…catnip, because the calendar Alissa had in her possession was actually meant for cats.

Alissa’s mother, Jess, had bought the calendar for her daughter by mistake.  She said after she realized her error, "I was in shock and felt like the worst mother ever when I’d realized I’d bought her a calendar for cats.  She said they tasted a bit strange, but hand’t said they were horrible, so I just forgot about it."

Luckily, Alissa suffered no ill effects from consuming the yogurt and catnip flavored treats, and in the end, was able to find the humor in the entire situation.  Jess said, "Once she got over the shock she found the funny side of it.  Thankfully she's absolutely fine and I've checked online that she will be okay."  

Via LADbible