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Texas Board Of Education To Consider Removing Helen Keller From School Curriculum

November 14, 2018

The Texas State Board of Education heard testimony yesterday on several proposed changes to the current curriculum studied in social studies classes across public schools.

Some of these proposed changes include the removal of the study of several historical figures, one of whom being Helen Keller.  The board wants to “streamline” education, and make the curriculum more flexible for its teachers.

Keller, along with Hillary Clinton, and the Women Airforce Service Pilots are considered “non-essential” figures, and if cut, schools would be legally prohibited from talking about them. 

Of course, there is severe opposition.  Austin resident Robbie Caldwell told the board, “Helen Keller is the only point of reference for deaf blindness because it is unlikely an educator, a government worker, a doctor would have any other interaction with any other person who was deaf blind. We need Helen Keller to remain in our Texas curriculum.”  

Caldwell’s daughter Gabrielle, 17, is deaf and blind, and attends the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired also testified.  She said, “I am hoping that you keep Helen Keller being taught in our schools.  She traveled the world, worked very hard and helped a lot of people. She is a hero.  I like to travel and want to travel the world. I study hard, too. I believe I can do these things because Helen Keller did them.”

Via Dallas News