Plate, Dirt, Spoon

Study Finds Eating Mostly Dirt Is The Key To Weight Loss

December 17, 2018

If you’re looking to trim a couple of pounds heading into the new year, a new study claims you need a complete overhaul of your diet.

Specifically, you need to eat more dirt.

A study from the University of South Australia has found that clay in dirt “soaks up” fat droplets. This incidental discovery found that “Not only were the clay materials trapping the fats within their particle structure, but they were also preventing them from being absorbed by the body, ensuring that fat simply passed through the digestive system,” according to lead researcher Tahnee Dening. 

Dening believes this can potentially lead to a cure for obesity, but she warns this research is in the earliest stages of development.  However, she and her team have tested the theory on rats with a high-fat diet.  Over a two-week period, they were fed a form of purified clay, and she found that the clay performed better as a weight loss agent than a placebo and a weight loss drug administered to the rats.

Via NY Post