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Suspicious Package That Caused Office Building To Evacuate Turns Out To Be Journey Casette Tape

November 1, 2018

A suspicious and unknown package on their doorstep caused a North Carolina office building to evacuate.

Police were called to the Duke Energy Building in Charlotte, North Carolina Tuesday morning after the small package appeared, and nobody knew of its origin. The K-9 and bomb units were called, and foot traffic outside the building was completely stopped. Nobody knew what this package held.

Quickly, however, the authorities were able to determine the contents of the delivery were not a threat. 

What it held you may ask? Nothing but a Journey cassette tape.

An officer at the scene said, “The package was a small manila envelope – it was a cassette tape. It was actually a Journey cassette tape.”

It was not said what Journey album it was, but we can only determine the office was full of young people who had no idea what a cassette tape was.

Via NY Post