Kenny G, Concert, Soprano Saxophone, 2017

(Photo by Brent Perniac/AdMedia)

Kanye West Hires Kenny G To Serenade Kim Kardashian In A Room Full Of Roses

February 15, 2019

Kim Kardashian.  Kanye West.  Kenny G.  On the surface, you’d probably think that one of these things is not like the others.

But Kanye West enlisted the services of Mr. G in an elaborate Valentine’s Day gift for Kardashian. In a room full of roses, Kardashian was surprised by Kenny G playing the soulful sounds of elevator rock with his soprano saxophone.


Of course, Twitter was confused.  Touched a little by the romantic gesture, yes, but mostly confused.  Was Kenny G trapped?  How did they arrange all the roses with him in the middle?  Was there a person whose sole job was to look after the vases?


Was your Valentine’s Day as romantic as this?

Via Mashable