Blake Shelton, Red Carpet, The Voice, Season 8, 2015

(Photo by John Salangsang)

Kelly Clarkson Not Sure Blake Shelton Knows Voice Contestant Is Singing A Gwen Stefani Song

February 28, 2019

The 16th season of The Voice premiered on NBC last night.

During one of the Blind Auditions, 15-year-old LiLi Joy took the stage, and performed a beautiful rendition of "Cool" that caused judge Blake Shelton to turn his chair around within the first 30 seconds.  LiLi Joy did have a beautiful voice, but fans were quick to point out that "Cool" is actually a Gwen Stefani song form her 2004 album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.  

Fellow judge Kelly Clarkson realized that little fact right away, though it appears that Shelton, Stefani's partner since 2005, did not!  Clarkson turned to Shelton and asked him, "You know this is Gwen, right?.  This is Gwen Stefani's song."  Shelton replied, "Are you serious right now?" before adding, "I know!"

Real smooth, Blake.

After LiLi finished her song, during which the rest of their judges turned their chairs around, they ribbed Shelton a little more for not realizing that was a Gwen Stefani song.  New judge John Legend teased "What do you like about that song, Blake?"  He replied, "I get Kelly in my ear going, 'That's Gwen's song.' I go, 'I know it's Gwen's song!'"

Sure you did, Blake.  Sure you did.

Via Country Living