Kenan Thompson, Red Carpet, Creative Arts Emmy Awards, 2018

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Kenan And Kel Both Confirm Interest In "Good Burger" Sequel

December 11, 2018

In 1997, Nickelodeon unleashed probably their greatest achievement to date with the release of their feature film Good Burger.

Starring comedy duo Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, the film has attained cult status, though for whatever reason, the pair drifted apart.  Kel stayed with Nickelodeon, while Kenan is currently serving as the longest-running cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live.  Whatever tension between the two seemed to be squashed, however, in 2015 when the two reprised their roles as Dexter Reed and Ed in a short revival of the 1997 classic.

And if that wasn't enough, apparently, Kenan and Kel have been talking about reviving the characters once again for a full-fledged sequel!  Kenan revealed while appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that the pair have remained in touch since the reunion, and that the potential for any sequel resides in the hands of those higher up in the Nickelodeon food chain.  

Kenan said, "We've been talking about it for a long time.  We've had meetings about it, so it's in the higher powers' hands cause we’ve both said that we're down to do it."  In March, Kel expressed a similar sentiment in an interview with Buzzfeed saying, "The conversations have started.  There's something in the water, everything's coming back.  It will definitely be awesome and there was a meeting!  They're just working everything out contractually, so just keep your ears to the streets."

We'll keep our ears to the streets, for sure.  We need this!

Via The AV Club