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 Largest Bee In The World Rediscovered 38 Years After Supposed Extinction

February 22, 2019

After missing for nearly four decades, the largest bee in the world has been rediscovered, again.

Known as Wallace’s giant bee, this behemoth is four times the size of your average honeybee, and has large jaws like those of a stag beetle.  The bee was found by researchers in a remote Indonesian rainforest, and honestly, we hope it stays there.


Clay Bolt, a nature photographer who accompanied the researchers described capturing the first pictures of the bee since 1981.  He said, “It was absolutely breathtaking to see this ‘flying bulldog’ of an insect that we weren’t sure existed anymore, to have real proof right there in front of us in the wild.  To actually see how beautiful and big the species is in life, to hear the sound of its giant wings thrumming as it flew past my head, was just incredible.”

Via The Independent