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Laughing Police Officer Carries Half-Naked Drug Dealer After Failed Escape

December 30, 2018

18-year-old Rhys Williams thought he was quick enough to escape the reach of the long arm of the law.

Spoiler alert, he wasn't.

A police officer quickly apprehend the teenage drug dealer, and was directing him to his squad car when Williams began complaining of sore feet.  So the officer did what he thought was best, and hurled Williams onto his shoulder and carried him off like a bag of grain.  And did we mention that Williams had shred all of his clothes down to his underwear?

Even the officer couldn't help but laugh.

Williams was just one member of a drug-dealing gang, of which ten members were jailed, this week.  They ran a drug ring that attracted 'queues like Tesco' according to court proceedings.

Via LADBible