Mountain Lion, Big Kitty

Texas Zoo Sent Into Lockdown After Mountain Lion Wanders Inside

October 13, 2018

The El Paso Zoo was sent into a panic after a lion was spotted wandering around the grounds.

Believe it or not, this wasn't a lion that escaped its enclosure, either.  This just happened to be a free mountain lion who wanted to go say "what's up?" to his buddies inside.  

The mountain lion wandered onto zoo grounds early Friday morning, and has yet to be captured or even spotted since.  

Texas Game Wardens are also in on the search, and are armed with tranquilizer guns in case the lion is spotted.  Ray Spears, Captain of Game Warden of Texas Parks and Wildlife, said residents of the surrounding area should be "vigilant." He advises people to bring in their pets, and not let kids play outside until further notice.  

If attacked by a mountain lion, experts advise to to fight back, using anything and everything in your reach as a weapon.  Also, try to remain standing, since a mountain lion is likely to go for the head or neck.  Remember that next time you get attacked by a mountain lion!

Via CBS 4