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Shopping Mall's X-Rated Christmas Display Is Disturbingly Hilarious

November 25, 2018

Tynwald Mills shopping center, located in the Isle of Man, went a little bold with their Christmas display this year.

The display, featured in a prominent spot in the mall so as many eyes as possible can see, featured a couple of polar bears positioned in a way to make them look like they were performing an act not suitable for children to see.  It's surprising that nobody employed at the mall could see what the whole world could, but the general public never fails to make something as harmless and innocent as a couple of cute polar bears playing and turn it into something X-Rated.

This display does look an awful lot like the latter, though.

Now, Tynwald Mills issued an apology for the placement of their polar bears, where they said they wanted to thank their customers "for getting a little too into Christmas this year with our Polar Bears."

Via The Irish Post