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Man Accidentally Throws Away Life Savings With The Recycling

August 6, 2019

Last Thursday, an Oregon man made a terrible mistake.

While taking out his trash and recycling, the man accidentally threw away a shoebox full of cash.  Actually, it was a LOT of cash.

The old box contained the man's life savings, worth $23,000, and he accidentally threw it away.

Figuring it was too late, he still contacted the recycling company, who informed him it was heading to a Recology plant in Northern California.  By the time he realized his error and made the call, the man's waste, along with the waste of over 1 million homes in the Pacific Northwest, had been processed.  Linda Wise, general manager of the Samoa Resource Recovery Center, said, "We take quite a bit of material every day, so the odds of finding that are not much better than a needle in a haystack."

Still, the workers hunted for that shoebox.  And to the surprise of everyone, and the relief of that man, they found it on the sorting line.

Amazingly, despite the 200-mile trip in the back of a recycling truck and in a recycliung plant, nearly all of the $23,000 was recovered.  The man only lost $320 in total.

Now, to prevent something like this from happening again, may we suggest a bank?

Via NY Post