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Man Accidentally Traps Himself In The Hole He Dug To Spy On His Ex-Girlfriend

April 30, 2019

A man in northern Mexico spent days digging a hole, or rather, a tunnel.

The 50-year-old felt this was the most affective method to keep tabs on his ex-girlfriend, who has a court order against him to stay away from her.  

Obviously, he didn’t abide by the court’s ruling, and dug the tunnel under the woman’s home.  Over the course of the week, she heard scratching noises and assumed it was just cats or other small animals.  The noises grew louder, and upon investigating their source, found her ex of 14 years in the man-made tunnel.

If that wasn’t enough, he was stuck.  He was trapped, and needed assistance in order to escape!

The police were called, and they found the spurned man intoxicated and “severely dehydrated.”

The man had been ordered to stay away due to domestic violence issues, and is now currently in jail.

Via The Star Online