Crab, Claw, Pinch

Man Almost Gets Tongue Clawed Off Trying To Impress His Friends

October 17, 2018

You know, you don't always have to try and impress your friends.

Outrageous stunts and acts can be awesome, but there's a fine line between outrageous and idiotic.

Rama Rao found that line.

The India man tried to impress his buddies by sticking his face incredibly close to a crab. He stuck out in tongue almost trying to antagonize the little guy.  What he failed to realize, or what he forgot, was crabs have claws.  And they like to use them.

The crab latched on, and we haven't seen a man regret any decision faster than Rama Rao.

He eventually got his tongue freed, but we're sure he learned a valuable lesson that day. Avoid crabs.

Via NY Post