Elastic Bandages, Amputed Leg

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Man Amputates Own Leg With A Pocket Knife Following Farm Accident

May 15, 2019

63-year-old Kurt Kaser was unloading corn into a bin when disaster struck.

The farmer got out of his truck, turned a corner, and his leg was sucked into the little hole of the corn hopper.  His leg became stuck, and however hard he struggled, could not pull it out.  Kaser said, “When it first happened, I remember thinking, 'This ain't good.  This is not good at all.’”  Kaser was alone, and knew it would remain that way for a while.  He couldn't find his cellphone to call for help, and felt the hopper continue to jerk his leg further and further in.  He said, "I thought, 'How long am I going to stay conscious here?' I did know what to expect. I felt it jerk me again and I thought it would grab me and pull me in further."

Kaser felt he was faced with only one options to save his life.  And it involved the pocket knife he had in his pocket.  He said, "I had my pocket knife in my pocket.  I said, 'The only way I'm getting out of here is to cut it off,' so I just started sawing at it."

Kaser was amputate his own leg with just that pockt knife.  Somehow, the procedure lasted only about five minutes after which, Kaser crawled over 150 feet across the farm to the nearest phone to call for help.

Kaser healed, went through occupational therapy, and was released from the facility last Friday.  Throughout the entire ordeal, Kaser only had one thought in mind.  His occupational therapist Dani Willey said, "He told me his goal, basically, 'I need to get home and get back to what I was doing before,' which was farming."  Kaser added, "It is what it is, make the best of it is all you can do. It could of always been worse."

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