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Man Arrested After Choking Driver Who Wouldn’t Stop Singing Christmas Carols

March 14, 2019

A 25-year-old is behind bars after allegedly attacking and choking the man that was driving him to the airport.

State troopers in Pittsburgh were waved down for a possible emergency, and upon arriving at the scene found Clayton Lucas and the victim outside of the Chrysler Town and Country minivan parked on the shoulder of the highway. Apparently, en route to the airport, Lucas became incensed when the driver refused to stop singing Christmas carols. The victim alleges that Lucas tried to choke him to make him stop singing.

The victim told police that Lucas restricted the air and blood from around his neck to the point he was about to pass out.  The trooper did notice the victim’s neck was red, and his eyes were bloodshot.

When the trooper tried to handcuff Lucas, he became combative and refused to cooperate, and the trooper ended up having to sweep his legs legs out from under him to gain control of the situation.

Lucas is currently in Allegheny County Jail, and is facing multiple charges.

Via CBS Pittsburgh