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Man Arrested For Stealing Shoes From Department Store He Just Had A Job Interview With

December 10, 2018

They were just a gift for his mother.

That’s what 24-year-old Florida man Dominick Breedlove told police shortly after he was arrested for stealing a pair of shoes.  Breedlove was apprehended outside of a Kohl’s Department Store in a rather quick arrest, as he just completed a job interview, with that very same Kohl’s!

Immediately after leaving the Human Resources department after the interview, Breedlove scoped the entire shoe department for shoes that did not have a security tag.  Once he found some he liked, he stuffed them inside a shopping bag he previously snuck inside, and walked through the doors, making no attempt to pay for them.

Hernando County police detained Breedlove as he was approaching his vehicle, where they recovered a pair of women’s Nike Air Bella TR shoes valued at $80, as well as women’s Nike Elite TR shoes, valued at $70.

He was arrested and transported to the Hernando County Detention Center, where he was charged with retail theft.

He did not get the job at Kohl’s.

Via Newsweek