Demolished Building, Floors, Rubble, Explosion

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Man Blows Up Own House So Ex-Wife Doesn’t Get It

May 29, 2019

Neither Ian nor Elaine Clowes wanted to give up their home following their divorce.

They converted their house into two separate apartments so they both could live at the property. However, that wasn’t good enough for Ian.

He was due to be evicted from the home, so in a defiant act of stupidity against his ex, he decided to blow up the marital home, while he and Elaine were both inside, just so she wouldn’t get the property.

Both Ian and Elaine were inside the home at the time of the explosion.  Elaine was found buried under a pile of rubble in her bedroom, while Ian suffered severe burns, which resulted in him spending six weeks in a medically-induced coma.

Upon his release from the hospital, Ian was sentenced to five years and four months in jail. Before the explosion, Elaine had planned to reside in one of the flats and sell the other, but obviously, Ian was angered by the arrangement.

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