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Man Claims He Was Forced To Sit In Dog Poop For Duration Of Flight

November 7, 2018

Now we've all had horrible flying experiences before.  This one might be the worst.

Matt Meehan just boarded his Delta flight from Atlanta to Miami when he and the passenger seated next to him noticed a powerful, unflattering smell.  He bent over to pick up his phone charger, and that’s when he noticed it.  Feces.

He claims the flight crew knew about the problem, didn't attempt to fully clean or sanitize the area in any way, and only offered him a few paper towels and small bottle of gin to clean himself and his seat.

Meehan alleges the crew told him they couldn't focus on cleaning the seat, as the plane continued to board and they needed to focus on the other passengers.  When he refused to sit in the poop, he was told he could take his seat, or miss the flight.  The seat that was covered in poop.

A young service dog is thought to be the mess leaver.  Delta issued an statement, with an apology, that the plane had been boarded "before cleaning was completed following an incident from a previous flight with an ill service animal" (obviously).  They offered to reimburse Meehan for his shoes and suit, in addition to a ticket refund, and 50,000 miles in compensation.

Meehan, of course, is furious with their offer.  He said, "That’s what I'm worth to them?  Fifty-thousand miles?  After putting my health at risk along with everyone else on the plane?  I'm a Diamond Medallion and a million-miler. If this is how they treat their top tier, I can't even imagine how they treat people who aren't part of the SkyMiles program.

Via NY Post