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Man Says Intruder Broke Into His Home, Stole Nothing, Cleaned, And Left

May 24, 2019

A Massachusetts man is still trying to piece together this odd home invasion.

Nate Roman lives in a single-family home in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  Last week, he left for work, and upon picking his son up from school, found that the front door of his house was unlocked.  Roman recalled, "[My son said], 'Dad! The door is unlocked.'  Which I have done once every blue moon and didn't think anything of it.  But when we walked in immediately there was a vibe that something was wrong in the house."

His suspicion grew to confirmation when a door he normally keeps open was firmly shut.  Growing more concerned, he went upstairs to check his son's room.  He found it spotless and in pristine condition, which was odd, because he remembered it being a complete mess just that morning.  He said, "Rugs were vacuumed, everything was neat and put away."

He called the police, but they had very little to go on, as nothing appeared to be damaged or stolen.  It appeared that whoever broke into Roman's home simply cleaned it, and left.

Roman even found roses made from toilet paper in the bathroom, leading to the theory a professional cleaning service simply cleaned the wrong home.  However, the kitchen remained untouched and was still unkempt, so he's not sure if that theory holds in water.

In any case, the police are investigating, and Roman changed all the locks just to make sure.  He kept the toilet paper rose, however.