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McDonald’s Fan Proposes To Girlfriend By Sticking A Ring Inside A Big Mac

June 19, 2019

And they say the perfect man doesn’t exist.

A man is catching a lot of flack online for the rather unique way he proposed to his girlfriend. 

The unidentified fella decided to express the love he had for his girlfriend with the love he also apparently shares with McDonald’s.

So he presented her a beautiful engagement ring, shoved into the bun of a Big Mac.

Maybe the girlfriend found it sweet.  We don’t know for sure, but the guy has absolutely ripped online for the McProposal. Some of the Facebook comments include from “Big Mac?  Big No!,” to “I swear if they didn’t ask ‘will you McMarry me?,” to “Can she have the burger if the answer is no?.”

Hopefully, the couple has a long, happy, McLife together. 

Via Fox News