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Two Men Banned For Life From Texas Gun Range After Posing For Selfies With Gun Pointed At Head

October 15, 2018

Two men have been banned for life from a gun range in Houston after they behaved like a couple of fools who have never handled a firearm before.

After going through the mandatory safety meeting before being allowed on the range, security footage captured one of the men pointing the gun at his chest, his own head, and his buddy’s head while he snapped plenty of selfies.  Luckily, a range safety officer, who was teaching a class just a few feet away, immediately stepped in, knocked the gun away, and slammed the man’s hand onto the counter.

The gun was reportedly not loaded, but the first rules of ANY gun safety lesson are "always assume the gun is loaded," and "never aim the gun at anything you don’t intend to kill."

Kyle Harrison, general manager of the gun range, reiterated as much while speaking with the media.  He also commended the safety instructor saying, he "caught it, took the weapon, cleared it and escorted them off the fire line immediately.  Taking pictures is OK, but you just have to do it safely.  You have to assume every firearm is loaded.  You don't want to point it at something you want to destroy, and he was pointing it at his friend's head."

Via Fox News