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Mother-In-Law Charging Family Members $21 Each For Christmas Dinner

November 30, 2018

We're less than a month away from Christmas Day, which means some of y'all are no doubt hurriedly trying to scrape together some plans to get with family to celebrate the holidays.

We're curious as to how many of y'all would decide to head over to your relative's house if they decided to pull this kind of stunt.

A woman revealed that she and her partner would be spending the holidays with their respective families, though she was surprised to learn that his mother is charging everyone coming over for Christmas dinner $21 for a meal!  She wrote on the message board site Mumsnet, "She said she doesn't want to do it all from scratch and wants to get it all pre-done so it's more money, which I understand but he's gutted and feels like he wants to come to my family now.  I can see it from both sides and it's hard work and can be expensive but not like she is financially destitute."

Of course, the mother-in-law was ripped apart by commenters.  

One wrote, "OMG!  No!  F--k that is horrible…Cannot think of anything less hospitable than setting the menu and demanding your ‘guests’ pay for it."  Another, "If you can't afford it, don't invite people.  Or only cook what you can afford.  I'd never charge anyone, far less family, for dinner."

Surprisingly, some did come to her defense.  "I think it's fair to be honest; why should she have to cover the cost every year when it’s likely to be £100 [$127] plus and why should she have to cover the cost of not wanting to do so much cooking."

Via Fox News