Prince, Concert, Guitar, Black and White, 1981

(Photo by David Brewster/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS)

Prince's Paisley Park Teams With Minneapolis Public Schools To Provide Students Free Music Education

November 26, 2018

Paisley Park served as the home and studio for Prince.

Since his death in 2016, the complex has been converted into a museum, and is open to the public.  Paisley Park wants to make sure not only is Prince's legacy carried on, they want to make sure children have access to musical and arts education into perpetuity.

Paisley Park has teamed with Minnesota Public Schools to provide future students all the access they need to arts and music education.  Beginning with the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource school, students will now have free access to Paisley Park, as well as be provided other musical opportunities.  Paisley Park tour manager Mitch Maguire said in a statement, "Prince constantly pushed himself to reach new heights and taught others to expect the same from themselves.  He was a passionate advocate of music education and its ability to inspire children and adults alike, and we look forward to fulfilling this tenet through our work with MPS."

Prince is a native of the area, and attended Minneapolis Central High School.  Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Ed Graff said in a press release, "It's fitting that this wonderful opportunity is starting with The FAIR School, which is a magnet high school in Downtown where the arts are integrated in all academic areas.  I look forward to continued collaboration with Paisley Park and growing our partnership to provide even more MPS students with this experience."

Via Billboard