Payless Shoes, Storefront, Sign, Detroit, 2018

(Photo by Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

Payless Tricks Social Media Influencers Into Paying Thousands Of Dollars For Shoes Worth Ten Times Less

December 5, 2018

For a fleeting moment, Payless, the discount shoe emporium, changed its name to “Palessi,” and sold shoes worth up to $600.  

The only thing, though, was it was all an elaborate ruse.

Palessi threw an exclusive event that was “invitation-only,” and invited Social Media Influencers far and wide to be the first to shop their latest products.  Influencers champed at the bit for the kicks, and dished out $200, $400, sometimes $600 for shoes that were worth considerably less.  Payless wanted to prove that their shoes were stylish and affordable, and everyone bought it hook, line, and sinker.

We opened a fake luxury store called Palessi to see how much fashionistas would pay for our shoes. See our experiment. Why pay more when you can Payless this holiday season? #palessi #payless

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In the end, Payless did come clean, returned the cash, but let the Influencers keep the shoes. Pretty sweet deal!

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