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School Teacher Accused Of Sneaking Wine Into Classroom Finds Overwhelming Support Online

November 1, 2018

Shannon Beran is a 43-year-old teacher from Deville, LA.

Last week, she was reportedly displaying odd behavior during the car pickup line at Buckeye Elementary School, with many witnesses at the scene observing her “moving slowly and awkwardly.”  The authorities were called, and a further investigation yielded the discovery of a partially consumed bag of wine in her classroom.

Beran was placed under arrest for possession of alcohol on public school property. 

Since her arrest, however, Beran has received overwhelming support online, from those who apparently can relate that being a teacher today is a thankless job, and anything that can take the edge of is a well-deserved break.

Beran was released on $500 bond.  According to Louisiana law, a person who is guilty of unauthorized possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on public school property shall be fined “not more than one thousand dollars and imprisoned not less than fifteen days nor more than six months.”

Via Yahoo!