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"Pink Legacy" Diamond Sells For Record-Breaking $50 Million At Auction

November 14, 2018

They're calling it the "Pink Legacy" diamond.

It's exceptionally rare, due to it's incredible color and its size.  It was categorized as a "Fancy Vivid" diamond, the highest rating of color intensity.  Only 1 in 100,000 diamonds receives this grading.  And it measured in at 18.96-carat.  Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds larger than 10 carats are almost unheard of.

So, yeah.  This diamond is kind of a big deal.

Knowing all this, it makes total sense why the Pink Legacy sold for an astronomical amount at auction.  It only took five minutes for the diamond to become the world record holder for price paid per carat for a pink diamond.  Pink Legacy sold for a record $50 Million at Christie's auction house in Geneva.  Christie's international head of jewelry, Rahul Kadakia, said, "You have to acknowledge first that the Pink Legacy diamond was a very special diamond/  It is one of the best and finest examples of pink diamonds at this size and color and it proved it with a new world record price per carat."

The diamond was bought by American luxury brand Harry Winston, and will now be known as the Winston Pink Legacy.