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Thanksgiving Threatened After CDC Reports Massive Outbreak Of Salmonella In Turkey

November 13, 2018

Your traditional Thanksgiving plans may have to change this year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are hustling to squash a reported outbreak of salmonella in turkey.  Reportedly, they claim the outbreak as already taken one life, and left 150 sick. In its continually updated report, the CDC says there have been 164 total infections spanning across 35 states.

The CDC describes this particular strain of salmonella as “multidrug-resistant.”  The CDC says in their latest update, “The outbreak strain of Salmonella Reading is present in live turkeys and in many types of raw turkey products, indicating it might be widespread in the turkey industry.  CDC and USDA-FSIS have shared this information with representatives from the turkey industry and asked about steps that they may be taking to reduce Salmonella contamination.”

The CDC haven’t been able to link the salmonella to any one supplier, so all they can do is ask people who have fallen ill to take note of what brand of turkey they purchased, and where they purchased it.  And please remember to cook your turkey thoroughly!

Hopefully we all still have a happy, salmonella-free Thanksgiving!

Via NY Post