Young Woman, Deodorant, Armpit, Bathroom

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Study Finds More And More Young People Are Refusing To Wear Deodorant

June 21, 2019

Young people are no longer wearing deodorant.

A new survey from YouGov has found that nearly 40% of people 18 to 24 have not applied any sort of deodorant or anti-perspirant in the last month.  Also, people aged 31% of 25 to 34-year-olds also have not used any sort of deodorant in the last month.  

The survey doesn't give any indication why younger people are not wearing deodorant, but believe it or not, it's not because their hygiene is so much worse than other generations.  In fact, Millennials and Gen Zers "surpass" other age groups when it comes to washing their hair.

We're not really concered with the reasons why, but moreso the smell of everybody.  If we can't notice you're not wearing deodorant, we won't have a problem!