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Taco Festival Runs Out Of “Free, Unlimited” Tacos

July 25, 2019

There was a little bit of a problem at the Bay Area Taco and Beer Festival in California.

The festival advertised tacos being “free and unlimited,” along with unlimited beer provided by multiple vendors set up at the venue.  Unfortunately, the wait for just one free taco ended up being 90 minutes, but when festival goer Joanne Kindel was halfway through the line, the booth ran out of tacos.

In fact, the entire festival ran out of tacos.  Not even halfway through the event, multiple vendors packed up and left due to running out of supply.  Attendee Claudia Tafolla said, “A lot of people were starting to walk out as soon as they put their signs up that said they were no longer giving out the free tacos.” 

The event was such a disaster, the ticket provider Eventbrite began issuing refunds to disgruntled festival goers.  A spokesman for Eventbrite said, “In the rare instance that an event significantly under-delivers on what was advertised, we work with all parties to reach a fair outcome. In this case, we've been working with the organizer to issue refunds to attendees who have requested them.”

Via ABC7