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Tamagotchi Returns With Revamped Digital Pets!

May 16, 2019

The Japanese toymaker Bandai brought the Tamagotchi into existence in 1996.

Now, the digital pets are BACK, with an updated and revamped version for all the 21st century kids and adults out there.

The revamped version, for the most part, looks the same as its ‘90s counterpart.  The three, unmarked buttons remain, but the screen has been given a complete digital makeover, and is fully color whereas the originals were in black and white.

The toys will have the same purpose, however.  You will raise your digital pet from a hatchling to adulthood, making sure to feed it and give it enough exercise.  With the updated versions, you will also be able to schedule play dates with other Tamagotchi users, and even marry off your Tamagotchi and raise generations of digital pets to come.

Bandai is hoping to not only appeal to nostalgic adults, but to also reintroduce the “pleasures of the retro toy” to a new generation of kids. 

Via Wired