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Ten High School Students Charged With First-Degree Rioting After Food Fight Gets Out Of Hand

April 19, 2019

Were you ever in a food fight in school that got this out of hand?

Ten high school students at Westhill High School in Connecticut have been arrested and charged after a food fight they started got entirely too wild.  A school resource officer was nailed in the head by a full can of soda during the fight, and another teacher was “trampled by a mass of students” according to the police report.  

The ten students, ranging in ages from 15-17, were arrested on charges that included first-degree rioting, breach of peace, reckless endangerment, and assault on a police officer. Westhill principal Michael Rinaldi released a statement on the school’s website slamming the kids for their “disturbing behaviors that took place that day.”  

Rinaldi also made sure to rip the bystanders who stood and did nothing but record the fights on their phones.  He wrote, “In this moment these students chose to serve their self-interest and satisfy their desire for ‘’likes’ and ‘reposts’ over safety for their classmates and, quite frankly, themselves.  Let it be known that the images that went up on social media from this incident are not images and stories to be admired or liked.”

Via NY Post