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Thousands Of Bees Swarm On Man’s Pickup Truck In Costco Parking Lot

July 11, 2019

John Hildebrandt was inside a Costco working when he got word that there might be a problem with his truck, which was parked outside.

Usually, the biggest threat one’s car faces in a parking lot is maybe getting dinged by a rogue shopping cart, but when Hildebrandt wandered outside, he found something much, much worse. Thousands of bees had swarmed and collected on the passenger door of his vehicle.

Hildebrandt had a logical explanation for why the bees decided to collect on his truck.  He said, “There's only one logical answer for this.  That it's because I have such a sweet nature about me, my truck and everything is just so sweet, the queen bee just loved it and went there.”

Beekeepers were able to collect all the bees from his vehicle, but no reason has been given why they decided to gather on Hildebrandt’s truck.