Vegetables, Lettuce, Salad, Close Up

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Is This Vegan Lasagna, Or Just A Stacked Salad?

May 2, 2019

What’s the difference between salad and lasagna?

We’re guessing you’ve never had to answer that question before in your life, but a new viral photo has everybody asking just that.  

Twitter user “Peaches” posted a photo of a dish a coworker brought in to work, claiming that it was a “vegan lasagna.”  Rather than cheese and pasta, it was lettuce, on top of more lettuce, on top of more lettuce with sliced tomatoes scattered in between.

Of course, people were not impressed with the attempt, and mocked the dish for even daring to be called lasagna.  

What do you think?  We'll probably be sticking with regular lasagna, to be honest!

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