Woman, Arrested, Handcuffs, Sitting, Police Car

(Photo by Getty Images)

Wanted Woman Captured After Taunting Police On Facebook

April 12, 2019

Maybe Chloe Jones should have logged off the Internet for the day.  

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Pennsylvania made a “most wanted” post on their Facebook page, and Jones decided it would be a good idea to taunt them.  She wrote, “Do you guys do pick up or delivery??” accompanied by four crying-laughing emojis.

And even further, she proceeded to get into an argument on the sheriff’s office Facebook page!  She claimed to be at a hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia.  We wouldn’t think she’d be actually dumb enough to reveal her actual location, as one of Greene County’s “Top Ten Most Wanted,” but West Virginia police were contacted, and sure enough, they were able to locate Jones rather quickly.

She was extradited to Pennsylvania, where police took her into custody.

It is unknown at this time Jones was wanted for.

Via NY Post