Whataburger, Logo, Sign, Tallahassee, Sky, 2018

(Photo by Karl Etters/Democrat)

Whataburger Throws Sick Dog A Party To Commemorate His Final Days

May 30, 2019

Maci Hanson knew there wasn't much time left with her dog, Stitch.

He was diagnosed with lymphoma, and Hanson wanted to make sure whatever time left for Stich was as special as could be.  So, she sent a note to his favorite restaurant Whataburger, to see if there was anything they could do to.


Well, Whataburger came through in a big way, and sent Hanson plenty of party supplies for Stitch and all his friends.  


We hope Stitch is now has happy as can be, bouncing around on those cheeseburger clouds.