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Woman Asks For Divorce On Honeymoon Because New Husband Is "Too Cheap”

April 10, 2019

A newly married couple will not remain that way for long.

While honeymooning in the United Arab Emirates, a woman has asked for a divorce from her new husband after finding out his financial habits are a little lacking, according to her. Basically, he’s too cheap.  You think she would’ve found this out BEFORE they got married.

The bride claims her husband asked her to pay all the bills, including electricity and water, as well as pay for all their groceries.  She also told the court during the divorce proceedings, “He didn’t spend a penny on this marriage.”  Also, the bride claims her husband asked her to register all of their bills under her name, claiming that he “lost” all of his personal documents.

The disgruntled bride is 13 years younger than her cheap husband.

Via Khaleej Times