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Woman Giving Away Her Victorian Home For Free, But It Comes With A “Godawful” Catch

May 7, 2019

If you’re in the market for a new home, boy have we got a deal for you.

A woman in Jordan, Minnesota is practically giving away her four-bedroom Victorian.  

In fact, she’s not “practically” giving it away, she IS giving it away!

She’s selling her home for a grand total of $0, though before you sign the papers, you might want to know what she describes as a “godawful” catch that comes with owning the home.  

Barbara Kochlin inherited the home from her grandmother, who for whatever reason, relocated the house to the side of a Minnesota highway in 2002.  She also failed to connect the home to proper water and sewage.


According to Kochlin, her grandmother was 80 when she moved the house to its current location.  “She was in her mid-80s when she moved this house and wasn’t thinking 100 percent logically at the time,” she told The Post.  She's giving away the house for free because it will cost $50,000 to move it, and $150,000 to renovate it.  Kochlin says, “It’s pretty hodge-podgy, I’m not going to sugar-coat it.”  She described the home as “godawful ugly” with “horrible wallpaper and fake brick — from some era when nobody had any taste.”

Kochlin doesn’t want the house demolished, though.  Her grandmother was the town’s first female mayor, and built it in the early 1900s. She hopes any prospective buyers aren’t just attracted to the price tag.  She says, “It’s gotta be someone who loves old houses and wants to preserve something like this.”

Via NY Post