The Lumineers Drop Three Surpise Tracks on New EP "C-Sides"

July 14, 2018

The Lumineers surprised us all with the drop of new EP "C-Sides", a collection of songs that have yet to make an album but were previously released through alternative channels.

C-Sides is composed of just three songs:


'Scotland' has been the opening theme for the CW's "Reign", a drama about the young Mary Queen of Scots. Without a doubt, one of the most requested unreleased songs on Tunefind over the past few years, fans of "Reign" are going crazy now that the song is available everywhere. In an email to fans announcing the album Wesley Schultz of the Lumineers wrote, "Scotland became a rally cry to preserve...The song also was so sprecial to us because it had this beautiful driving rhythm that [drummer] Jer [Fraites] played that reminded us of battle drums, like something out of Braveheart- hence the strange name 'Scotland."

For Fra

'For Fra' is a very short instrumental that Fraites says he wrote for his then-girlfriend (now wife), Francesca, as a birthday present. " I recorded the piano idea first and then just repeatedly recorded over that with drums, claps, and percussion. While Wes and I were never able to make this particular idea work into a traditional Lumineers song, it did end up providing us with the basic chrods for the song 'Angela' much later down the rode when we recorded the Cleopatra album" wrote Jer in an email to fans.

Visions of China

The inspiration for this csong came from Wes's experience living in Hangzhou, China for 3 months with a good friend who was learning the language. "It was because of a language barrier that I often was isolated and left to either be quite bored, or write and record music. The lyrics were a smattering of things I’d seen and sensed there. The song itself had this meditative quality - something about the way the chords rolled in and out without ever feeling tired." - Wes. The song was written in 2007 but it didn't make LPs 1 or 2. The band licensed the song to AMC's "The Walking Dead" for their Season 4 soundtrack.