How To Make Money From The New Scooter Craze In Dallas

July 13, 2018

The arrival of motorized scooters to Dallas has given people the chance to make a few quick bucks. 

Scooter rental companies are enlisting people who are known as "juicers". They pick up dead scooters each evening, recharge them in their homes, and bring them back in the morning.

Juicers can be paid around $40 a day for their trouble. Many of them say that as long as you pick the scooters up on a daily basis, you can receive a paycheck every two days or so.

In many of Dallas's neighborhoods, juicers are seen picking up as many scooters as they can fit in their cars. In other cities with motorized scooters, people race each other to be the first to pick up as many scooters as possible.

Some Dallas juicers say they are concerned about possible turf wars, but so far the competition for collecting scooters hasn't reached a boiling point.